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For Artificial Insemination with Semen from End House Stud Stallions (MARE NOT VISITING END HOUSE STUD)

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Mare Sire/Dam:
Fresh, Frozen, Chilled Semen:

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A uterine infection:

Her vulva stitched:

A retained placenta:

Genital tract damage from earlier foalings:

Treatment for infertility:

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End House Stud make every effort to have teaser mares available for collecting semen when requested, but cannot be held responsible for delays or non-availability of semen due to unforeseen circumstances. Every effort is made to ensure that the client receives the highest quality of semen, but no responsibility for damage or condition of semen or container can be accepted by the stud whilst in transit.

I agree to take a nomination to the above Stallion and to pay the transport costs for the Equitaner, Equitaner Hire, Semen collection, analysis and preparation. (Deposit £200 - unused monies will be returned by cheque after October 1) Cancellation Fee – 25% of the Stud Fee will be charged for any nomination not taken up, unless a valid veterinary certificate is produced stating a valid reason for the mare not being inseminated.

I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions offered by End House Stud in relation to artificial insemination.

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