Livery Fees

Livery Charges not subject to VAT

Visiting mares are accepted from 1st March each season, but will be stabled with limited winter turnout/horse walker until suitable weather conditions enable 24 hour turn out. Usually 1st May onwards however depending on ground conditions this date may be brought forward or delayed.

Grass livery - does not include hard feed - but can be supplied by End House Stud at £2 per day

Single mare at grass £8 per day

Mare and foal at grass £14 a day not including hard feed. Limited availabilty please check with the stud.

Single mare stabled 24hr – box rest, school turn out or walker £22 per day

Mare and foal stabled at night £25 per day

Mare & foal stabled – box rest or school turn out £28 per day

Pregnant mare stabled – school turnout/ paddock £22 per day

Pregnant mare at grass (months leading up to foaling) £10 a day. Limited availability please check with the stud.

Heavy horse surcharge (17 hands +) of £5 a day to include extra bedding & haylage.

Foaling fee £300 includes use of alarms & CCTV when stabled

Weaning Fee £150

If you are bring your mare to End House Stud for foaling please download our FOALING AGREEMENT PDF File

Hard Feed
Owners can supply their own feed, which can be ordered through Whalley Corn Mills 01254 824643 who deliver here every week or they can drop feed off themselves every week when visiting. Please remember to bring any supplements needed.

Mares at livery are individually assessed for their feeding requirements.

Feed supplied by End House Stud
Single mare at grass £2 per day Mare & foal at grass £3 per day
Pregnant Mare £3 per day Foal £3 per day

Mares for AI with semen from non resident stallion:
Its is possible for insemination to be carried out a the stud with fresh, chilled or frozen semen from stallion based throughout the UK and Europe. End House Stud cannot be held responsible for quality, delay or non availability of semen from its source. All costs of semen flights, couriers and Equitaners are the responsibility of the Mare owner, there will be a charge of £40 per cycle administration fee for the arrangement of semen delivery, liasing with stud managers and couriers and out of hours scanning etc.

Mares that need to be scanned at 6 hourly intervals or are bad to catch during the time leading up to insemination will be stabled and the owner charged accordingly (please see livery fees above). 

Summer ( 1st May to 30th September)
Winter - (1st October to 30th April) charges by arrangement


Any mares, especially those with foals at foot, which the stud consider need stabling due to adverse weather conditions though normally at grass, will be stabled and the owner charged accordingly.

Blacksmith - Shoes - All mares will be trimmed regularly at the stud as necessary and the farriers charge will be invoiced to the owner. Any mare with brittle feet may be left shod in front if necessary.

Veterinary Surgeons - North West Equine Vets Ltd.

General Livery

It is possible for Mares, Youngstock or stallions to be taken for livery all year round. Foals also taken for weaning or show production.

Payment Terms

We ask that stud fees are paid on arrival of the mare and livery charges be paid 7 days before mares departure unless paying in cash or by Bank Transfer. Cheques made out to Goulding End House Stud. Mares are able to leave the stud after their 28 days heartbeat scan. If the mare is removed before the 28 days heartbeat scan it is the owners responsibility to arrange to have the mare scanned at home, if the mare is a walk in mare it is the owners responsibility to return the mare to stud for the necessary scanning appointments. Mares can stay at stud whist inseminated/scanned and then either travel home in-between scans or remain at stud until the final scans are completed. Vet package charges to be paid on mares arrival made payable to North West Equine Vets Ltd, existing NWEV clients can credit stud package to their existing accounts. Farriers charges will be invoiced to the owner by Mr Steven Hardaker and must be paid before mare leaves the stud.

Health and Safety
For security reasons we ask that all owners ring before visiting their mare. We also remind clients that they remain respectful of the fact we are a working stud farm. Whilst visits to your mare are always possible, due to scanning, serving, collecting and teasing, mares can only be visited in the field/stable, and should not be brought onto the yard for grooming/bathing etc. All owners visiting mares must sign the visitors book before entering the fields and we recommend hard hats are worn whilst visiting the fields. Clients are reminded that they enter the fields at their own risk and we accept no responsibility for children under 16 who must be supervised at all times.  We remind you this is not a livery yard. Due to health and safety clients are reminded there is no unsupervised access on to the stallion line, stallion viewing at any time must be by prior arrangement only. 

Please note: There is no VAT on Livery or Stud fees

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