End House Stud Farm and AI Centre Stud Fees

If mare not in foal by October 1st., she will be eligible for a free return next season (substitution of mare allowed if arranged with the Stud Manager). Also ( LIVE FOAL TERMS ).


Fees not subject to VAT

Stud Fees

Aimbry Chester : £450 + shipping (frozen)
Terms 3 doses to achieve 1 pregnancy

Thursden Vallye Raphael : £500 NFFR

Landpirol : £550 NFFR (BWBS)
(Frozen, Chilled and fresh semen only)

Siren’s Missile : £375 NFFR / £475 NFFR
(For mares requiring Weatherby’s covering certificates)

Rotherwood Signature : £350 NFFR

Matraash (USA) : £500 NFFR

Dramatik : £550 + shipping (Frozen semen only)
Terms 3 doses to achieve 1 pregnancy

Irish Mist : £400 NFFR (chilled semen offsite or fresh AI at End House)

Mares to be Artificially Inseminated with semen off-site will incur a £200 deposit on Equitainer, semen collection and courier costs will be deducted from this deposit.  All unused monies returned after October 1st. See our AI Off Site Terms and Conditions

All our stallions are tested free from EVA.

They are also swabbed negative CEM every year.

All mares must be swabbed either at home or at stud and must have a clean certificate before covering. See our excellent Vets Packages and services.

The stud manager recommends the owners of small, nervous and mares that have previously been difficult to get into foal, should consider the use of artificial insemination with fresh semen.


We ask that stud fees are paid on arrival of the mare and livery charges be paid 7 days before mares departure unless paying in cash. Vet package charges to be paid on mares arrival, please make cheques payable to North West Equine Vets Ltd, existing NWEV customers can credit packages to their existing accounts. Farriers charges will be invoiced to the owner on collection of the mare.

For security reasons we ask that all owners ring before visiting their mare and foal.

Vet Packages 2017 (including VAT)

Vets packages are optional, mares can be charged on a per scan etc basis. End House Stud advises all mare owners to take advantage of the all in stud work packages as they can result in large savings over paying as you go.

Frozen Semen Plan £384.00 £360.00

Chilled AI Plan - for stallions NOT BASED at EHS £235.00 £185.00

End House Stud Plan - for stallions BASED at EHS, Natural/Fresh AI (Including CEM) £285.00 for up to 3 cycles

End House Stud Plan - for stallions based at EHS, Natural/Fresh AI (Excluding CEM) £265.00 for up to 3 cycles

2017 Stud Plans include the following:

  • All stud related visits
  • A single clitoral CEM swab (depending on the package)
  • All pre- and post-insemination ultrasound examinations
  • Drugs used to routinely control the oestrus cycle and induce ovulation
  • Artificial insemination
  • Routine post-insemination uterine management including oxytocin
  • Repeat pregnancy scans up to day 45

Please note that the following are NOT included in the plan prices:

  • Drugs used to facilitate safe examination of your mare such as sedation or Buscopan™
  • Management of excessive intrauterine fluid including repeated washouts, Excenel™, saline solution and uterine lavage sets
  • Twin reduction
  • Investigation or treatment of subfertility/infertility such as endometrial swabbing/biopsy, endometritis or Caslicks procedure
  • Regumate™
  • Investigation or treatment of any other illness or injury

Vet Pack Payment

All cheques to be made payable to "North West Equine Vets Ltd" and are payable on mares arrival at stud unless existing NWEV account holder.

Payment by Credit or Debit Card please telephone 0808 168 5580.

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